Messing with Catalyst will once in a blue moon fix the problem, but no solution has ever worked for more than day or twice in a row. Buy and install a new HD. Already have an account? Good stuff all the way around for all of us. I think I made the mistake of not flashing my bios up to revision f6. For my 2 cents worth I would definately go the E over the E I imagine the D-verb test is to see how many instances can be run before the cpu limit hits.

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I also have a G for audio, and can imagine that I’ll be adding another when the time comes.

Suspicious Activity Detected

Exit all Windows-based programs. Since yours works sometimes I do not think you are affected in this fashion.

Its a shame I needed to sell out but PT7 needs dual and I have a lot of work to do and need a robust machine. Double-click tip or press Enter while a tip is selected for more information about the tip.

I have managed to boot into windows now with RAM configured in Dual Channel and it seems stable I still get some services failing Spooler SubSystem has halted three timesbut other than its working ok. Since I can’t ever get a display with the new sets I can only guess its working. Welcome to the post Sooo, This is what should be here next week.


Just keyboard, mouse, 1 stick RAM, and video card connected. With Gigabyte EXExtreme motherboard, any sort of stable overclock does not permit the computer to sleep properly. Digi recommends Chipset for Core 2 Duo Processors!!!

GAP-DS3 (rev. ) | Motherboard – GIGABYTE Global

I was looking to use. My TrueVerb count was with a full assortment of plugs installed, so I’m betting I could do trimmed, but I’ll wait until other quad’s are posted for comparison. Enjoy the adventure Lets hope Digi step to the plate as well and gives some qualified stuff. My mate’s machine got put off for a week, so fingers crossed it should happen this week!

Apart from OS, what drivers and their versions and other SW are you installing in each ga-975p–s3 your trials?

If you have question with gigabyte products, yes i will. I’m in too sunny BrisVegas – land of water shortages. But it was still relatively low.

Thats right around the initial Quads and it still fabulous. D so lately i overclock my E to 4,25 x A system is being putting together for my buddy over the next few days. About memory, some local tech guy advised me if I buy the I should go then with DDR2 memory instead of Keen to hear of anyone’s experience with Nvidia chipsets By the way your e will be just fine with 7. And my CPU will last a lot longer this way.


I don’t see myself burning while I’m recording or mixing anyhow, but, it lets you know it’s there for sure. Guitar using Amplitube2 3. Have you something in mind? However, when they are over that limit you must install the driver to see the array.

Bit of hum at max volume but a lot less than the any PC ga-975-ps3 i’ve used before. Scratch that, DD should add this to his script.

Maybe I can run the SiSoft Sandra later. Now if I could only figure out what these strange stringed instruments are all over the place. It reported no problems. Ya-975p-s3 is my problem, My system worked excellent for 19 days no o’cing.